Our People

Yogold U.S.A. values our diversified and talented workforce. We will always strive to develop a workplace which recognizes the many contributions of individuals as a primary asset of our company, while promoting a team environment through mutual respect and cooperation.
We will work diligently to:
• Recruit and develop a dedicated workforce committed to the advancement of the Yogo mine under conditions that always focus on safety first.
• Provide a workplace that rewards and inspires talented, trustworthy and motivated individuals.
• Offer opportunities for growth and financial success, support performance excellence and foster continuous improvement in all areas of our operation.
• Create and maintain a work environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity.
• Establish a working environment which promotes and encourages equal opportunity, cooperation and full participation for all our employees.
• Develop a workforce which represents the diversity of skill-sets required to advance the Yogo mine project and make it successful.
• Develop a workforce representative of the geographic areas in which we intend operate, including local communities and cultural groups surrounding the projects.