Our Communities

At Yogold U.S.A., we value the communities surrounding our operation and sincerely hope to see the quality of life of the residents in towns and cities in central Montana being enhanced by increased employment and business opportunities.
Yogold will strive to:
• Engage communities through open communication and mutual respect to share information and allow community business affiliates and residents to express their opinions and participate in meaningful ways.
• Gather community input to positively influence our project development in an eco-friendly manner.
• Work collaboratively with communities, county, state and federal governments and institutions to create training opportunities for skill development in industry-related occupations.
• Build relationships with local suppliers, vendors and businesses to obtain quality, competitively priced goods and services in a timely fashion.
• Strive to create mutually beneficial relationships with Montana communities to promote employment, training and recruitment of young people into trades, technical and skilled occupations.


Yogold U.S.A. will give back to communities and programs we find essential to make Montana and the world better.