The Environment, Integrity of our Products and Made in America

Yogold embraces and is dedicated to fair trade practices, which include; 1) ethical mining; 2) ethical gem cutting, 3) responsible jewelry manufacturing; and 4) above all, Yogold is environmentally responsible at all levels from the Yogo mine to the retail consumer. Consumers will now have certification and assurance that their sapphire jewelry is sourced in the United States and not subject to enhancement or heat treating. Consumers have the right to know precisely what they are buying and to have absolute assurance as it relates to chain of title. To accomplish this objective, Yogold USA will be conscientious and operate in a vertically integrated and transparent manner. Each stone will be tracked from our mine to a specific gem cutting facility and then to a jewelry factory according to strict protocols and a modern computerized tracking and a traceability identification software.
Yogold will always strive to:
• Implement and follow environmental best management practices.
• Educate employees in the best environmental management practices and work diligently to have the best possible conditions relevant to their workplace.
• Meet or exceed county, state and federal regulatory and industry standards.
• Promote a shared responsibility for environmental supervision between all Yogoldemployees and Yogold’s management team.
• Continually monitor, evaluate and modify our environmental practices and procedures and strive to upgrade where applicable.
• Adapt timely to changes in regulations and the natural environment.
• Adapt timely to changes in regulations and the natural environment:
- Reducing, reusing and recycling waste and all natural resources.
- Maximizing the benefits of any resource utilized.
- Continuously evaluating all procedural alternatives and new technologies to benefit the environment.