About Yogold U.S.A. Corp

The Renaissance of the World’s Premier Sapphire Mine Is Being Undertaken by Yogold U.S.A. Corporation, a privately owned corporation.
Our Company will responsibly mine Yogo Sapphires in Judith Basin County, located in Central Montana, U.S.A. Yogo Sapphires are the premier, finest and most exclusive sapphires in the world. Unlike the majority of the sapphires currently being marketed, Yogo Sapphire are: 1) rare, 2) brilliantly colored, 3) high clarity and 4) non-heat treated or enhanced in any manner.
After more than 35 years of being dormant, the Yogo Mine is being reopened in a series of two phases;
1) Beginning with the reprocessing and redeposition of the historic tailing and a total restoration of Yogo Creek back to its original natural beauty and splendor.
2) Development of an environmentally responsible, underground mining operation designed to mine and process several million tons of inferred Sapphire bearing dike material over many years. The sapphire bearing dike is known to extend for more than five miles and has been mined to a depth of 450’.